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May receive some untoward news about some of your close relatives. In order to lessen the evil effects of Saturn, wear a 'Mantra Charged Saturn-Ring' and.

Take charge of the situation like leaders do. Capricorn, the perfect time is now. The Universe is supporting forward movement. Use this energy to propel things in the right direction. The thing about love is that you know when you know. So why keep these feelings to yourself?

Open your heart, Aries, and let the love flow. If things have been lacklustre for you in the romance department, trust that there is going to be a positive shift, provided your willingness to take the leap of faith you have been resisting for a while. The only thing you need to promise yourself is that you will continue to look at every challenge life throws at you as a learning opportunity, and stay committed to your goals. Not problems, solutions, Gemini. If it affects you and the collective as a whole, take charge of the situation. See how you can make a positive difference.

It is this trait that sets leaders apart from ordinary folk. You also have a greater sense of clarity as far as your personal goals are concerned.


Knowing exactly what you want to invest your time and energy in, will help you get ahead of the game. Cosmic tip: If it affects you and the collective as a whole, take charge of the situation. But what about music and movement?

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Dance is therapy, Cancer. Create a safe space for yourself and and let your inner Aphrodite take the reins. This is what your reality looks like: picture-perfect. The Universe is working overtime to make your deepest desires come true. Things on the interpersonal front are especially blessed. What a wonderful feeling it is to be surrounded by all the people you love, who love nurturing you and watching you grow. Things on the romantic front are also taking a turn for the better, especially if you and your partner have been at odds for a while.

Cosmic tip: The Universe is working overtime to make your deepest desires come true.

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Could unrealistic demands be the source of your troubles? Word for the wise: in these turbulent times, learn to be your own rock.

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Be aware of the toxic patterns. Dancing with your demons is not a healthy practice. If you have been letting the wrong people into your space, expect a reality check on that front.

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What do you think these experiences are trying to teach you? That boundaries are sacred and must not be trespassed. Cosmic tip: Be aware of the toxic patterns and people that are preventing you from progressing to the next level. When somebody is invested in your growth, it shows. When somebody cannot look beyond themselves, it shows too.

Change your attitude by recognizing that the world is not against you and people are not the enemy. Honesty is by far the best policy now, even if by being honest you upset someone you love. Inevitably, they will thank you later on when they realize that you were right and they were wrong.

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Just remember that being honest does not mean being brutal. You can be a star or you can be anonymous. That is the message for you as you move into the new week.

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  8. It is also possible, of course, that you can be both at the same time. Few things in life come down to an either-or choice. This is not only one of the best times of the year for you but potentially one of the best times of your life. Forget about your worries and woes — just chuck them out — and get busy making the most of your opportunities, of which there are plenty. It may not be true that you never change your mind once it is made up but it takes an awful lot to make you reconsider.

    What happens early next week though will make it obvious that you need to think again — and a bit more deeply this time. The world will adapt to accommodate you. It also means, of course, that there can be no excuses if you get it wrong. Do it once and do it right. You may feel as if you are giving your all but there is much more you can do.

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    Just remember that it is only a game. Take nothing too seriously. The key to an enjoyable life is knowing what to care about.

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